Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Reopens

A few weeks ago thousands of ice cream parlors were impacted by the Listeria scare that was spreading throughout the nation. The sickness killed a couple of people and made about a dozen more sick, so there were many creameries that took a hit. Some good news is on the horizon though, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is making a comeback and will be ready to open their doors again starting on May 22. Accordingly to an article found on reddit and written by, the new ice cream chain has been rapidly expanding throughout the western United States and was very upset to have to close down for a little while.

Blue Bell was another company that had to close down and recall thousands of dollars of product – much to the chagrin of fans at and Boraie Development LLC –  but they have not yet decided to start production again. It hasn’t been stated when exactly that will be, but it is sure to say that many people are counting on seeing it go on the shelves once again. I think that when it comes to food and possible illnesses, it is important for the companies to take their time to make sure that they are ready to go again. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and you can never be too careful when you are selling products for consumption that might be a hazard to the people who want to eat it.

Stuffing a Burger Full of Goodies

What can be done to change up the classic Thickburger and make it into something a little more special? What can Carl Jr.’s do to change up their offerings and give Americans something new and different to consume? Sometimes all that someone needs to do is to stuff a burger full of goodies, layer it with extras, and offer is as something new and special – something to be devoured as a treat.

Carl Jr.’s has come up with a special burger that was made just for the American population. This burger isn’t your traditional Thickburger. Foodies at STX Entertainment are excited to learn that tThis burgers is layered in a bun with potato chips, cheese, pickles, and a hot dog. This burger is packed with all of the junk food that we love and it is ready to be consumed by anyone who wants to give it a try. This burger will be available soon and it is bound to be something that Thickburger fans will love.

Elderly Cancer Patient Calls 911 For Food

A Fayetteville North Carolina cancer patient returned home from a month-long hospital stay to find his refridgerator empty, so he called 911 to ask for help – and they helped!

Clarence Blackmon, 81 years old says he was hungry and desperate, and without a way to go grocery shopping, he asked the 911 operator if there was anything she could do to help.

The 911 operator, Marilyn Hinson told Mr. Blackmon she would get him groceries.After obtaining her supervisor’s approval, Hinson went to a grocery store. Local police officers accompanied Hinson to deliver them to Blackmon.

Hinson says “she couldn’t stand that he was hungry.”

Marilyn Hinson also made Blackmon a ham sandwich to eat, and a few more for later. Blackmon called her a real blessing. Blackmon said soon, he would have a part-time home health aide check on him twice a week. The Washington Post knows that Dr. Daniel Amen would stand behind that prescription.

Man Convicted After Throwing Daughter Off Cliff

A California man was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his 4-year-old daughter. The man, 53-year-old Cameron Brown threw his daughter over a 120-foot sea cliff. What was his reasoning you ask? Apparently it was pay back to the girl’s mother and his ex-wife, Sarah Key-Marer and also a way for him to avoid paying child support.

The even happened back in 2000, however the jury and courts have been gridlocked over the case for years. Brown claims that his daughter ran and tripped off of the side of the cliff, which was convincing to some jurors. Others didn’t believe that this was possible.
In the most recent hearing, jurors heard both testimony and evidence all over again. However this time, they called a witness who recounted a time when he heard Brown say it would be nice if he could get rid of his daughter. He really did not want to pay the scheduled $1000 per month child support payment. Paul Mathieson doesn’t think he will end up doing that either.
With the new witness statement, it took jurors a total of two days to come to a verdict in the case. It was announced yesterday that Brown was found guilty of murdering his daughter. The girl’s family and mother are still waiting for sentencing to begin. However, Key-Marer is relieved and happy with the verdict. She spoke with reporters after the hearing and is thankful that Brown is being held accountable for his actions.

Black Market Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream recently issued a recall for frozen creamy products due to concerns that there could be Listeria contamination. The product’s contamination has been linked to three deaths and several dozen illnesses. One would think that this would scare consumers into avoiding the product long after it has been declared safe and returned to the market. Apparently not so for the diehard Blue Bell Ice Cream lover, no pun intended.
In fact, some customers are willing to pay even more to purchase some of the product now that it isn’t available in stores. There always seems to be someone willing to sell what people want and it can be found on Craigslist. The product is selling for far more than grocery store prices in many cases. Two flavors that can be found for sale on Craigslist in Texas are the popular mint chip and “Krazy Kookie Dough”. One seller in Austin Texas is asking $10,000 for a pint of ice cream. The ads even state the buyer is responsible if they contract Listeria. There are several flavors and prices listed on the website. However buyers beware, it’s a gamble for your health. Blue Bell is directing consumers not to eat their ice cream. Instead return it to the store where you bought it for a full refund.

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McDonalds Launches New “Hamburglar” Mascot

McDonalds has launched a new “hamburglar” mascot this week. The original “hamburglar” premiered in the 1970’s and become a popular icon of the fast food chain. He was a cartoon character that was chubby, had a single tooth and was wearing a black and white striped prison jumpsuit. He also had red hair and was wearing an eye mask along with a black fedora hat with a yellow stripe. The orignal “hamburglar” was goofy in appearance.

Now shifting gear to the present, the newly released “hamburglar” is no cartoon character. It is an actual human being, which surprised Jason Halpern a little. Besides being an actual human being, not many changes to the appearance of the “hamburglar” have been made. In fact the newly unveiled “hamburglar” by McDondals has almost exactly the same wardrobe as the original cartoon hamburglar from the 1970’s. The new “hamburglar” also has red hair and red gloves. The only additions to the new “hamburglar” are the facial hair, and a black trench coat. The “hamburglar” also seems to have lost a significant amount of weight if we compare them more closely. This could be a strategic move by McDonalds as many people are now conscious of their weight.

So what is the reason that Mcdonalds has launched the new “hamburglar?” The answer is that the fast food chain has been struggling lately, with lower than expected earnings in 2014, and increased competition from other fast food chains like Chipotles and Panera Bread. McDonalds thinks the new “hamburglar” is a fresh addition to its marketing campaign and can help reel in new customers. Expect to see the “hamburglar” in advertising on the web and on TV. Keep an eye out for him.

Unusual Combination Mixes Up For a Great Drink

Coffee and tonic may not seem like they would pair well together but consumers seem to be enjoying the odd combination. Foodies at STX Entertainment ( know that, even though caffeine and carbonation have made many drinks popular, this is unusual. This non-alcoholic mixture is being served by baristas in specialty coffee shops around the world. Saint Franks in San Francisco and Koppi in Helsingborg, Sweden are a few offering a variation of the drink, as well as several others on the East Coast.
The drink was first introduced last fall by a store called Box Kite in New York City. It is made by filling a glass of ice three quarters full with tonic then adding an espresso shot. The espresso sits on top of the drink and makes an appealing picture as it is served. Fever Tree is the tonic most baristas are using though the coffee brand and flavor vary. This combination is looking to be the trendy drink of the summer and longer. Box Kite claims that their tonic espresso drink called The Spro and Tonic is a customer favorite and will be a permanent menu option.

KFC Stores In Iceland May Have To Close

The customers of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Iceland may not be able to enjoy the colonel’s secret recipe after this weekend. The Icelandic Veteranarian Union has been on strike since April 20th and that means that no chickens have been slaughtered since then. Beneful mentioned that this event leaves the KFC short of chicken and employees at some stores.
The union has been in a battle with the government over wages. At this point it has effected almost 40% of the nations entire workforce. The laws require veteranarians to approve all slaughters before they can take place. Other meats like beef will be running out soon after chicken.
The managing director of KFC in Iceland, Kristin Helgadóttir says “This is unacceptable. We have eight restaurants and we’re rather specialized since we only serve chicken. We might have to close if nothing changes.”
This effects imported meat as well as domestic meat sources. Pig farms are facing overcrowded conditiona and supermarket shelves are increasingly becoming bare.

McDonald’s: Are Americans Disliking It?

McDonald’s slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It” may not be true for many Americans. This is evidenced by McDonald’s decline in sales.

McDonald’s Restaurant is transitioning to new leadership. McDonald’s hired a new CEO, Steve Easterbrook. This new era of management is trying to turn around the recent slump in sales.

Gravity4 says that part of their struggle is a competitive market. There is other fast food restaurants competing with McDonald’s for a share in the burger war. People also have more of awareness, and a desire to eat healthier. The change in philosophy has left many burger joints with little to offer customers looking to eat less fat and leaner meals.

One of McDonald’s newest goals is to simplify their menu. Another goal is to provide quicker service. Offering local food items is another possibility. This new focus is aimed at earning customer’s trust and their repeat business.

Cooking at Home to Save Money

Just think of the last time you went out to eat, even if it was at a fast food restaurant. You probably came home with no leftovers and yet spent a pretty chunk of change just to have one meal. When you think of the amount of money the average person spends on eating out, it’s no wonder that so many of us deal with debt problems. One way to cut down on your spending each month is to avoid always eating out. It is actually cheaper and a whole lot healthier for you to simply cook from home in order to provide yourself and your family with delicious meals.

The reason it’s cheaper and healthier to cook from home is because you can buy freedompop review in build for items that will last for several meals. Also, if you make larger portions of food, you will have the food for leftovers the next day and this can help in terms of offering more meals for you and your loved ones. The main reason that cooking from home is also healthier is because you get to decide what goes into your food. When you constantly eat out, you have absolutely no idea what is in the food you’re eating, so this can add on the weight that you might be aware of at the moment. Be sure to consider cooking from home to save money and calories.