Hospital Food Could Actually Put You In Danger

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Everyone knows that hospital food tastes awful, but what you might not know is that for some people it can be deadly. When most people think of medical mistakes they think of bacteria or surgeons that cut the wrong thing out, but it turns out that one of the largest dangers in hospitals is actually food. A report that was conducted by the Patient Safety Authority of Pennsylvania found that mistakes were made frequently when it comes to serving patients that have special dietary needs.

Analyst Susan Wallace found a shocking 285 mistakes that occurred in just a five year span in Pennsylvania. That was shocking for Mikal Watts to read. Eight of these mistakes resulted in very serious harm with patients ending up in ICUs due to the inhalation of a food that was a known allergen. In fact, allergy errors made up 181 of the mistakes that Wallace found. Other mistakes involved patients that were on a special diet such as a heart healthy or colon diet receiving food that was supposed to go to other patients or patients receiving food when they were supposed to be fasting for surgery.

Health consequences of getting the wrong diets led to several severe allergenic reactions requiring intensive care, IV medications, and epinephrine and in other cases led to exacerbations of illnesses or swallowing problems.

Chick-Fil-A Ranking #1

Despite all the controversy surrounding the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain it is currently overtaking KFC in the terms of having a higher market share and is in the middle of a major nationwide expansion. According to NBC and this year’s American Customer Satisfaction Index is restaurant report Chick-Fil-A is now the number one ranking fast food restaurant in the US based on customer satisfaction in a poll of over 5,000 adults. Coming in second on the survey was Chipotle followed closely by Panera in third. When most people think about fast food restaurants the restaurant chain McDonalds comes to mind however threesome controversy surrounding them it is easy to see why they drop to number 17 on the list this year.


The success being seen for Chick-Fil-A is thought to be due to its simple menu and the fact that it concentrates on only one thing chicken sandwiches. Adam Sender sure likes one every now and then.

Junk Food Can Lead to Depression

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It’s no wonder that the acronym for the standard American diet is SAD. As a country, we consume a high amount of refined sugar and starches. Now a new study has found that being a junk food junkie could, in fact, lead to depression.

According to crunchbase, James E. Gangwisch and his team of researchers at Columbia University ran a study to determine whether foods that had a higher glycemic index rating could be linked to depression. They measured symptoms of depression in 70,000 postmenopausal women who did not suffer from depression before the study began.

At a three year follow up with the women, the team found that diets that included foods higher on the glycemic index had a statistical correlation with increased odds of depression. Added sugars, not including total sugars or carbohydrates, were strongly linked to depression. The researchers thought that the link might be due to overconsumption of refined sugars and starches leading to inflammation and cardiovascular disease, both of which are related to the development of depression.

The authors of the study did note, however, that some foods actually had protective actions against depression. These were foods that included fiber, whole fruits and grains, vegetables and lactose, the sugar in dairy products. Lactose, although a sugar, has a low glycemic index rating.

Since the study was only done on postmenopausal women, further research needs to be done to effectively link junk food with a person’s likelihood of developing depression. But it’s clear that we can benefit from trying to eat a healthier diet.

Burger King Goes Veggie

Burger King makes veggie burgers in India, reports Grubstreet, and it may be importing the idea to the United States. In India where most of the population is vegetarian, Burger King tailors it menu to meet the public demands. With the success of veggie burgers and other vegetarian food products in the United States, the fast food giant is considering moving into the veggie markets in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

India Times reports that the menu is such a success that is also considering adding a delivery service to its local customers. In 2014 the global fast food chain added the vegetarian meals and snacks to its menu in response to the demand by the Indian public whose tastes vary differently from their standard menu. Flavio Maluf said that Burger King has grown so fast in India that is has added 18 restaurants to it’s original franchise in Delhi. The new restaurants are located in Mumbai and Chandigarh.

Pizza Delivery Guy Saves Life on Delivery

Anson Lemmer is a 19-year-old who is back home in Glenwood, Colorado for the summer. While home, Anson picked up a job delivering pizzas for Uncle Pizza in Glenwood. On the night of June 15th, Anson was on his last delivery when he noticed that something was amiss upon arriving at the home. There were three men outside of the home, one was on his back turning blue and the other two were attempting to perform CPR on him.

Folks at Amen Clinic (wired) have learned that Anson got out of his vehicle and jumped in to help the men perform chest compressions on the victim. Trained in CPR, Anson knew that he had to help the man out. He and the others worked on the victim for 10-15 minutes before the ambulance arrived. The man had started breathing on his own again and is said that he will make a full recovery.

Anson said that his boss was wondering what took him so long on the delivery. In Anson’s words, he said he left for the delivery as a pizza boy and came back to work as a pizza man. Everyone has been very proud of his actions.

For the full story and the follow-up, check it out on The Post Independent website

FDA Hopes to Reduce Heart Attacks by Banning Trans Fats

Anyone who follows health news and watches their diet knows that trans fats are bad for them. They are a type of fat that is formed when hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid. For this reason, they are called partially hydrogenated oils. According to Eric Pulier, they are great for increasing the shelf life of food, but unfortunately, they are also great at shortening our lives. This form of oil is great at clogging up arteries and increasing a person’s chance of getting a heart attack.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just made big news by saying it is banning trans fats. Food manufacturers will have three years to get this ingredient out of their products. Fortunately, because the health controversies of trans fats had been known for some time, many foods have already had other oils substituted in their place. This move is expected to cut down the number of heart attacks. Many people still just buy and eat anything without giving the ingredients list a thorough going over and this move is no doubt to address this problem. People who are this irresponsible with their health are probably just as bad about their finances and others end up footing the bill for their emergency room visit after their heart attack. Trans fat consumption had already gone down by about three-quarters over the past decade or so due to health concerns about them, and this should bring it to an end except for certain foods in which they occur naturally.

Spaghetti Taco

Foodies are always trying new and fun ways to incorporate two different foods that normally wouldn’t go together. At times, the food actually turns out quite delicious because it’s a surprise that no one ever expected! But, what happens when someone tries to turn a food into a different type of food? Is it still successful? Well, Eater found quite the creative food-vention.

Somebody found a way to turn spaghetti and meatballs into a taco! Rather than just scooping all the pasta, sauce, meatballs, and cheese into a shell – they went the extra mile! They actually made a taco shell out of noodles, and it formed together pretty nicely. They then added the other necessary ingredients that you need to make spaghetti. My doctor, Dr. Jennifer Walden, actually suggested this recipe from her own cookbook for picky eaters (my kids haha).

They look pretty cool, but in order to find out if they taste as good as they look you’ll have to make them yourself. It doesn’t seem like it would require much work other than just trying to figure out how to get the noodles to stick together. Once you’ve got that feat down, then you can enjoy your taco-tastic spaghetti.

They really should make a restaurant where food looks like a different type of food that it’s not. Not only would it be mindblowing, but it’d actually be kind of genius and a lot of fun as well. The spaghetti and meatball taco can be the first thing to hit the menu.

Bizarre New Pizza

Chances are you’ve seen the new Pizza Hut pizza. Ever since Pizza Hut made the announcement that they are unveiling a new people, pictures of it have made rounds on social media. Everybody has an opinion about it. Does it look gross? Does it look delicious? Interesting? Appealing? What people haven’t talked about however is the logistics. Is this pizza actually even an idea that’ll work out when trying to consume it?

GrubStreet pointed out a few interesting things about the pizza, and how much of a challenge it is going to be to consume it. Let’s talk logistics. It’s your basic, run of the mill pepperoni pizza that Pizza Hut has always had. There is nothing new or exciting about the pizza. The new and exciting part is the crust. It’s gone. In it’s place is essentially 28 tiny pigs in a blanket that people can peel off and dip into mustard dipping sauce. That part makes sense, and it will be easy to consume. Sam Tabar ( wonders: What happens when a person finishes those and is left with a pizza?

The pizza is going to be a big saucey mess of toppings and cheese. There is no crust to hold everything together. How are people going to pick this up and eat it without causing a huge mess? So many people are talking about this pizza but they’re forgetting to think about how it’s going to actually work.

Either way, this concotion is turning heads. I suspect a huge rush of people ordering it immediately when it comes out.

The Drive of Bernardo Chua

The health and wellness industry has witnessed several changes as well as many fads come and go. However since 2008 the constant Organo Gold Company has been producing coffee, soap, toothpaste and products that contain the beneficial Ganoderma Lucidium, thanks to its founder Bernardo Chua. This go-getter also established Gano Excel Philippines, which was followed by many honors being bestowed on Mr. Chua.

Bernardo Chua saw a need to provide individuals globally with a product which could provide some individuals with a way to eliminate certain toxins from the body, ultimately achieving improved health. Focusing on the ingredient Ganoderma Lucidum, which is respected for its healing assets (such as immune system support, cardiovascular health and more) by traditional Asian medicine practitioners, Chua soon found himself as the CEO of Organo Gold as seen on Linkedin. This company quickly began distributing products worldwide such as Organo Gold’s Green Tea, Café Latte, Ganoderma Black Coffee and more!

As of now, more than 35 countries sitting on six varied continents have access to Organo Gold products. In spring of 2015, Organo Gold joined forces with professional boxer Manny Pacquiao which saw the “Fighter of the Decade” proudly wearing the Organo Gold logo on his clothing during the activities surrounding his big May 2nd fight.

All of Mr. Chua’s success began in July 1999, as featured in ZoomInfo, when his creative juices steadily climbed when he partnered up with Gano Excel Malaysia founder Leow Soon Seng, which resulted in the formation of Excel Philippines. Before Chua realized, three years had passed and this new company branched out to U.S., Canada and Hong Kong. In 2003, Chau’s determination made it possible for him to become President of Gano Excel’s USA division.

In 2015 Chua headed to the Phillipines’ city of Manila to accept the distinguished Dangal ng Bayan Award, states EVictoryNews. This ceremony also honored the Organo Gold brand by presenting it with the two separate People’s Choice Awards’ for the “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” which can be seen here on Chua’s youtube.

Chua doesn’t seem to be stopping from success anytime soon, in 2013 this creative genius saw Direct Selling News’ Top 100 List announce his Organo Gold to be the 55th biggest network marketing company worldwide. In 2014, after Chua extended the operation by opening Organo Gold Singapore (this was the sixth Asian country in which Organo Gold introduced operations within a five year time frame), he led yet another new operation opening in Turkey.

More Bernardo Chua? Like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter for updated Organo Gold news.

New York Restaurant Fast Food Menus May Soon Have Salt Warnings

New York City’s Department of Health is trying to add something to New York City’s fast food Restaurant menus. A vote is being taken on a proposal to add a salt shaker symbol next to certain foods. If something on a menu has more than a teaspoon of salt in it, it would get the salt shaker symbol. A teaspoon is the recommended amount of salt that should be eaten in a day.

This new symbol would make it easy for consumers who are trying to cut down on salt. They will know at a glance whether something on the menu would be a good choice for them. Twitter reports that many fast food items will likely be labeled if this new system goes into effect.

This new labeling would not be implemented immediately. If the preliminary vote passes, then a final vote will be taken in September. If the new labeling is passed in September, you could be seeing the salt shaker symbol on fast food restaurant menus by December of 2015.