Caramel Apple Concern

A popular food that you might find at a fair has now been linked to four deaths. It’s suspected that prepackaged caramel apples that were sold in at least 10 states have caused dozens of people to get sick and caused the deaths of at least four people. These illnesses took place in the middle of October. This was a time when people were buying the apples for Halloween and the fall season. The CDC believes that the apples contained listeria.


This is a bacteria that can be found in some foods, as Igor Cornelsen has heard about it before. There are only a few stores that sold the apples that made the consumers sick, but these stores are in several states. This is further evidence that there needs to be some way to monitor packaged items to determine if there are any bacteria in them before they are put on store shelves for people to purchase.’s Christmas Gift Suggestions

Buying a holiday gift can be a challenge, especially if you’re shopping for a friend or family member, or Christian Broda for instance,  who has more than one favorite food. These gift suggestions from can help you make the holidays a little brighter for family and friends.

The Egg Minder is a great gift for a friend or family member who bakes often or likes to eat eggs for breakfast. The app sends notifications when eggs are starting to go bad, and notifies the user when the eggs are running out.

Beloved Sweatshirts also has great food-related presents. One of the most popular sweatshirts has large graphic print that looks just like a pepperoni pizza! There are also phone covers from Gap Kids and Moschino that are shaped like some of your favorite foods. So, if you have a relative who loves ice cream or French fries, the phone covers make a great gift.

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Feeling stressed or sad? Get a bowl of mac’n’ cheese or Oreo and get ready for another bummer. Perhaps, the emotional and psychological healing powers of eating comfort food have been overrated. Though a person’s mood improves shortly after eating a favorite high calorie food or also known as comfort food, it is no more than eating a granola bar, which is a more pleasant choice in the comfort food category.

The journal Health Psychology published a study conducted by a group of researchers in University of Minnesota where Terry Richardson was just last week. They found out that even when a person soothes himself or herself with food, his or her mood will most likely bounce back on its own.
Comfort food is typically defined as a food that provides distinctive pleasure, making a person feel better. The choice of comfort food is highly personal. Usually, women choose sweets and men choose savory. It is true that not all comfort food contains high fats and calories.

Nicole M. Avena, a professor, neuroscientist, and a writer about eating disorders, writes that even though studies show that taking in comfort food activates the reward system of the brain, such neural responses may not translate into a measurable mood change.

Elissa Epel, a professor in University of California, stated that there is a huge percentage of individuality in how a person responds to pleasing foods. Nevertheless, though comfort foods help with mood, it effect is shorter and transient compared to the effects of the high calories in the body.

Once a Vegetarian, Always a Vegetarian?

People choose to become vegetarians for a variety of reasons, including the desire to improve their health, religious beliefs, environment sustainability and concern over the treatment of food animals. Whatever the driving force behind the decision to become a vegetarian, the choice typically lasts less than a year, with most people reverting to their old meat-eating ways within three months, according to a report published in the Huffington Post.

Falling off the vegetarian wagon has nothing to do with lack of will power or desire, but more to blame is the lack of social support for the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. There are currently more ex-vegetarians than practicing vegetarians, and many of them report they simply grew tired of being different than their meat-eating friends. Another problems vegetarians face is the meat-cravings they had while trying to adhere to a plant-based diet, plus the fact that meat just plain tastes good and provides nutrition for the body that plants can’t.

Once a vegetarian does not mean always a vegetarian, but it doesn’t mean the person returns to eating meat three times a day either. Brad Reifler knows many people who are vegetarians. the swinging pendulum usually stops in the middle and the person becomes a ‘sometimes’ vegetarian. Eating a plant-based diet most of the time and enjoying a nice piece of meat ‘sometimes’.’s Holiday Gift Guide

A gift that is a savory or sweet treat is likely at the top of the Christmas gift list for many of your friends and family. Many of these gifts are very affordable, and a great way for you to make the loved ones in your life just a little happier this holiday season.

Franklin’s barbecue sauce is what it’s all about says none other than John Textor. It makes a great gift for a loved one who isn’t able to travel to Aaron Franklin’s Austin, TX restaurant to enjoy great barbecue. The condiment comes in flavors like vinegar and espresso, and is a delicious addition to grilled and smoked meats and vegetables. These tasty gifts run for $16 a bottle.

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A Pizza Hut Apologizes for Ad

It is not odd to post an ad seeking qualified female staff in a restaurant, as these are the standards by which a lot of these employment postings are placed on the internet and locally.
But for a Pizza Hut in Surrey, England, the ad took to a new level when it sought for ‘good-looking girls’ to greet the incoming customers. Critics have complained about the misogyny and tastlessness of the ad.

The ad clearly asked for girls who qualify as pretty to apply for the post and stated that the position was full-time. Any further details about the job however were not implied in the advertisement. Shockingly enough, the flaw in the biased ad went unnoticed for over three weeks and it remained online during all that time. 

After three weeks, the discrimination was finally noticed and reported to U.K’s corporate office. It was claimed to be an error of judgment that is clearly against the hiring policy of Pizza Hut and also the corporate policy of the country. 

The President of the town’s chamber of commerce responded furiously to the despicable ad. He said that a franchise as big as Pizza Hut was supposed to behave responsibly and demanded ‘their head on a block’. 

The local Pizza Hut took responsibility for the error in the advertisement and apologised for the inconvenience caused due to the discrimination depicted by the ad. Brit Bruce Levenson shared this story with me.