New Meal: Black Burger With Frog

The Japanese are making the meals a real ritual. Sometimes it can look like a dark ritual. For example when you eat the new burger with pith-black buns and a whole fried frog in the middle, with the two legs sticking out along with a blade of lettuce. The Orbi Yokohama Museum is going to sell these original-looking meals during an exhibition of exotic foods.

To give you an idea of how it tastes, the black buns have been described by the eaters as having a smoky taste, while the fried frogs remind a lot of the fish meat stated warrior forum. The special ingredient, a soy flavored sauce, adds a special taste to the composition. The black frog burger will be sold for about $8.40 and served with a special shake too. The product has caught attention among the Japanese. The people are used to dangerous looking and generally exciting meals, like puffer fishes and spiders.

A blue burger looking like the Earth counts in the list of the previous Orbi Yokohama Museum too. The black frog burgers are about to sell just as well as all the previous experiments, as the tourists are curious, Instagram needs updates, and the locals want to try something new.

Nuts, Legumes and Seeds: Are You Consuming Enough Daily?

Nuts, Legumes and Seeds: Are You Consuming Enough Daily?

Do you eat nutritionally compact foods on a daily basis? There are various reasons that most people should do this for peak daily performance! Some of these reasons include weight loss and enhancing overall health. These nutritionally dense nutriments contain higher amounts of healthy fats. This is one reason that many individuals may feel fuller after eating beans, seeds or a hand full of nuts.

The first determination behind “why” seeds, beans and nuts should be consumed more (if you do not have any food allergies or asthma) is within its higher protein rating. The protein that is in these food sources have thousands of plant varieties and counting! The most common sources that can be found are peanuts, soybeans and sunflower seeds. Furthermore, consuming a complete protein such as soybeans is vital towards better health. This is taking in consideration that the amount of protein needed for optimum health differs for each individual.

According to Zeca Oliviera it is important to  remember to include a superior source of beans, seeds or legumes in your diet. In doing this, you are making a vital step towards better well-being. However, it’s important to know about the best cooking techniques before these foods are consumed. It’s imperative to cook each type in a healthy way when adding more nuts, seeds and legumes to your diet. This can include steaming, baking or grilling methods combined with other healthy foods.

Sweden’s Interest Rate Turns More Negative

The central bank for the Northern European nation of Sweden has taken the drastic measure of settings its key interest rate negative. The move, made by Riksbank (IE Kingdom’s Bank), was announced on Wednesday. The rate had hovered just under zero percent, but the bank’s actions now formally make it -0.25%. This means banks wanting to borrow money will be able to earn money for doing so. Riksbank declared the move was necessary to promote inflation via a weaker Kronor. Alexei Beltyukov knows that the Swedish currency is not pegged to the Euro and had gained a stunning 5% over the past month. The European Central Bank is wanting to devalue the Euro in a bid to boost exports by making Eurozone products cheaper to foreign nations. While Sweden participates in the Eurozone, its people have rejected calls to unify their currency with the EU.

At issue is Riksbank does not want to see a period of deflation hit the country. Deflation is when prices decline. While it seems attractive to the general population from the perspective of consumers, deflationary periods wreak havoc on the economy. This is because producers often find themselves in the position of making products they cannot sell with sufficient profit margins to stay in business. Riksbank will also be buying back 30 billion kronor in treasury bonds to help stabilize the soaring kronor. Inflation last year was non-existent at 0.1%. The central bank had expected the rate to be 2.0%.

Coffee Cookie Cups

When you travel to the United Kingdom this summer, you can forget the tea and crumpets and opt for coffee and cookies instead. Of course, the coffee is in the cookie, but that should work out just fine. Right? Basically, KFC just released information about a new concept in culinary inventiveness; they have unveiled edible coffee cups. These cups are made out of cookies that are shaped into cups and have been wrapped with a sugar “paper” to insulate the cookie cup and lined with a layer of white chocolate said Marc Sparks. The entire thing can be consumed, including the KFC branding on the outside.

As the coffee is sipped, the sugar wrapper softens, and yummy aromas are released. This aromas are the scents of coconut cream, freshly cut grass, and wild flowers and incorporated simply to make people happy. There is no word yet on if and when these delightful containers of cookie and coffee will be hitting U.S. shores, but should that happen, smiles are sure to ensue.

Get New Ice Cream Flavors at Ample Hills

Even in the cold weather of February people still love sweet treats says Dan Newlin. A scoop of ice cream is something that adults and children love no matter how cold it gets outside or how much snow piles on the sidewalk. People who love ice cream often love to sample new flavors and try new kinds of this tasty treat. Those who want to try exotic new ice cream tastes will find it easy to do so if they are living, working or visiting Manhattan. Ample Hills, located in Gotham West Market, has been in the works since Thanksgiving. In recent days, the company has been their customers the chance to sample delightful new ice cream flavors that incorporate all kinds of unexpected tastes and unusual flavors.

Locals and visitors alike can try twelve ice cream flavors at Ample Hills. Ample Hills has created an entirely new flavor that is designed as a salute to the area’s location. The Hell’s Kitchen Sink is a mixture of various kinds of flavors. Inside the cream are pieces of dark chocolate as well as a spike of Guinness stout beer that pays homage to the region’s Irish roots and brings in a subtle and elegant taste. The ice cream also uses chili-spied brownie pieces to provide extra kick, cookie dough that has been made from other products sold by the company and thick toffee bar bits.

Has Little Caesars Gone Too Far?

Obesity is a national epidemic in this U.S. Young children are overeating junk food, piling on the pounds, and suffering medical issues very young. The older generation is not much better. If you go out of your home at all to the mall, grocery store, really anywhere, you will see morbidly obese individuals. It is simply a reality where we live. There are many contributing factors of course such as income level, heredity medical conditions and such yet the restaurants of our country are partly to blame as well. Take Little Caesars for example. They are getting ready to release a brand new pizza with a bacon crust. Yes, you read that correctly, bacon , three and a half feet of it on every pizza. Fatty cheese plus greasy bacon pretty much guarantees health problems in the future. Flavio Maluf asks the question of whether or not businesses should limit how unhealthy their food is or if it is simply up to good judgement by consumers? That is some serious, fat-free, food for thought.

The Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company specializes in rare and antique wines. The company is based in London, and supplies the world’s best wines to more than 70 countries. They also supply fine wine to major events, parties, and special functions. They offer services that are next to none with their special wine investment consultation, and unique purchasing opportunities. In their effort to offer the world’s best wine and services, some of the world’s leading connoisseurs train young masters at The Antique Wine Company Academy. This ensures the best wines will be available to the world long into the future.

The company was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, and has more than 20,000 clients world-wide. It is renowned for holding some the world’s best labels in its cellars. It also holds the world record for sale of the most valuable wine sold at £75,000, which was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem. The Antique Wine Company is also well known for its Grand Chateau Series. A lot of wine from this series sold for $1.5 million.

This impressive wine sales record makes AWC the perfect choice for selecting rare wines as an investment, selling or purchasing wine. Those interested in selling wine can always count on AWC’s growing list of world class purchasers of wine, often seeking rare, hard to find labels. For those seeking rare fine wines as an investment ACW offers many unique services, starting with unique consultation services.

Knowledgeable in all grades of wine, ACW consultants only suggest investments that increase in value. Because investment and expert advisement is so important, the Antique Wine Cap portion of the company specializes solely in this area. Experts can even advise and suggest insurance that guarantees the investment. They also suggest storage options, such as the ACW cellars that store some of the most expensive and valuable wines in the world.

AWC famous wines are also the perfect selection for wine tasting events, corporate events, fundraisers, prestige parties, and other events. The wine academy arm of the business not only provides advanced wine training, but the academy also brings people, occasions and wine together. They host prestigious events, with some of the best wine masters in the world. Corporate events often require specialized services, and AWC’s specially developed corporate packages offer some of the best wines and foods in the industry. No matter what your needs, rather a corporate event, wine purchasing or investment, ACW has the perfect solution.

Five Foods That Cleanse the Liver Naturally


Safe, natural and do-it-yourself liver cleanse. Incorporating some or all of these five foods into your daily diet will promote continuous liver-cleaning which in turn will promote better overall health by ridding your body of dangerous toxins. Here’s a list from
* Drink a glass of warm water with lemon every morning to remove toxins from the liver. The liver responds to lemon juice by producing more cleaning enzymes. Don’t add sugar, but do add a healthy dose of fresh or concentrated lemon juice to the warm water.
* Eat a few slices of avocado everyday to protect liver from the powerful toxin called, galactosamine. Galactosamine damages the liver much the same way hepatitis does and a few slices of avocado on a salad or sandwich will protect the liver.
* Cilantro helps the body rids itself, via the liver, of heavy metals. Cilantro is easy to add to a variety of dishes everyday to help cleanse the liver.
* Garlic contains sulfur compounds that help activate cleansing enzymes in the liver. Garlic also contains liver-protecting allicin and selenium.
* Tumeric helps liver cells regenerate themselves. The yellow spice also increase the liver’s bile production so it can cleanse itself and keep the body free of toxins.

Beneful Dog Food Surpasses The Rest

Beneful dog food has been around for years, but it still manages to top the competition. A large part of this has to do with the fact that there are so many kibbles available. The Beneful brand has 8 different types to choose, and my dogs have benefited from several of the kibbles.

The Beneful brand has managed to surpass other dog food brands on the market because it has foods for puppies and big dogs like mines. This company sells both wet and dry dog foods which have healthy nutrients that dogs can process easily. There are vegetables like corn and quality meats like beef in these foods. It important to feed your dog nutrients and the creators of Beneful have found the right formula.

There is a Beneful Healthy Weight that is specifically for those dog lovers that are concerned about the weight of their dogs. There are also Beneful brands that are designed to help a dog that has some growing to do. There is a kibble for just about every need that a dog lover can have. The fact that creators of the Beneful brand anticipated this need is what makes the brand stand out. It is one of the better brands of dog foods.

The moist dog food, in my opinion, is the best for my pets. My dogs cannot get enough. I like the fact that these foods give my dog the energy to roam around and play. I have purchased other dog foods on Amazon before only to find my dog looking rather lazy after eating it. With Beneful my dogs have maintained a healthy weight and continued to stay energized after various meals.

The Omega nutrition, I believe, also contributes to the shiny skin that my dogs have. People that look at my dogs will comment on how healthy my dogs are. I have to confess that this wasn’t always the case. Before I started buying Beneful I had dogs that seemed to be going to the vet over and over again. Once I started buying the Beneful brand I noticed a drastic change in their eating habits and their appearances.

Dogs that have allergies may also benefit from Beneful. It really is one of the top brands on the market. The creators behind the product are clearly dog lovers that have dogs themselves. The producers of Beneful have made wonderful dog food products.

Ikea Is Introducing Vegan Meatballs Spring 2015

Ikea is one of the world’s ultimate innovators. The Swedish company is constantly working to create new and environmentally friendly products at reasonable prices world-wide. One of the coolest things that Alexei Beltyukov said on about about their mega furniture and home goods stores is the availability of freshly prepared foods. Each Ikea store offers an upstairs cafeteria and a smaller restaurant downstairs for snacks and beverages.

There was a bit of negative publicity in 2014 in regards to one of their most popular dishes- the Swedish meatballs. Traces of horse meat was discovered in some meatballs and set off a chain of negative media. Ikea’s response was to go the opposite direction with their meatballs and starting this spring the meatballs will be 100% vegan. That is right no dairy, eggs, or animal products will be utilized in the manufacturing of this product. Needless to say there is a lot of anticipation for this new product and maybe people will forget about the little misstep from last year.